Blue Perforated Dolavs Keep White Cabbage Clean
Packed Whole White Cabbage
Irish market gardener, Brophy Produce, supplies white cabbage to a coleslaw processor in blue Dolav plastic pallet boxes. The boxes are fitted with liners and are on a continuous loop bringing produce out of storage for preparation all year.

With the liners closed and batch-label sealed the cabbage is kept to the very clean standards required in food processing. Brophy Produce prepares the white cabbage and delivers it so clean in liners there is no waste during processing into coleslaw. They put 300 kilos in each Dolav and stack three high on vehicles.

Off to the Processors
For the 25-week broccoli-harvesting season 350 grey coloured Dolav plastic pallet boxes have replaced wood because it splintered and deteriorated in field use and the Irish weather. As broccoli is lighter, each full Dolav weighs in about 120 kilos and they are stacked four-high on curtain-sided trailers.

Paul Brophy likes Dolav plastic pallet boxes. "They are very durable. Our produce comes out in much better condition than from wood and with a pressure hose they come up as good as new. Our Dolavs scrub up well," he said.

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