Classic Dolavs for Meat Processing
Tried, tested and proven wins at Cranswick

Dolavs catching meat as it comes out the machine
When Cranswick Convenience Foods in Barnsley wanted a plastic pallet box they ordered the one which they knew well.

Cranswick have been using Dolav plastic pallet boxes for over 15 years. Made from food-grade HDPE the Dolavs have proved hygienic, easy-to-clean, strong and easy to handle and stack.

Cranswick opted for nearly 500 new Dolavs in either standard green or brown for its Barnsley processing plant. Dolav hot die stamped each box on two sides to identify the application. Delivered in the spring of 2012, the new Dolavs are fully integrated into Cranswick's production.

The hygienic properties of the Dolav are achieved with food grade HDPE and, as with all Dolav plastic pallet boxes, it is a one piece moulding including the runners which eliminates cavities and water or dirt traps. The Dolav is also hygienic due to the smooth, clean lines with rounded internal corners. Hygiene is one of the key reasons for Dolavs being used throughout the food industry and especially in handling meat at every stage of production in the UK and Scandinavia.

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